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Search engine optimization

Every website should have SEO enabled. Having a beautiful website is great, but not when no one can find it. With my optimization your business will begin to climb to the top of a search engine until you are #1!
What is included in a SEO package?

Brainstorming & Development

Understanding your goals and where you want SEO to take you helps me understand how to get you there! 


Applying what we come up with and beginning to optimize your website is the next step to getting your website to your set target ranking.

MONitoring & modifying

Watching and monitoring the results will help us understand what is working and what needs tweaking.
You may be thinking "what does SEO even do?"

Link Building

Getting your website cited on other websites makes search engines believe that you are a responsible and honorable website. We need them to think this so they bring up your website first!


Traffic is the measurement of total visitors on your website. These can be from organic or paid results. Depending on the clients, some can be both paid or organic or just one of these.


A website's position on a search engine result page is their "ranking". Depending on what a potential customer types into the engine you may or may not come up. We of course want to be up there and be #1!
So what does successful SEO look like?




More organic traffic to your website!


Organic Traffic


More leads!
calls, emails & more!


Calls/Web Forms


More sales for your business!




Increased revenue for you!
Now let's get to work!
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Tip of the day:
Having a great brand designer without SEO is not the best use of your investment.
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